DISONCARE 74H 7 Pens The Best Travel Insulin Cooler Case

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 【Top Material Design】Portable insulin cooler, 18/10(SU316)Stainless steel design for cup body,internal vacuum design, Easy to carry, TSA Approval and Luggage Check-in is Acceptable. Can better protect your insulin.
High Cooling Performance】The insulin cooler can make the insulin keep the temperature at 36-46°F(2-8°C) for 35 hours, 35.6-77℉ (2-25℃) for 60 hours, For special reasons another emergency bottle can be filled with ice water to extend the cooling time by 14 hours, Equivalent to our insulin cooler can cool medication for up to 74 hours, Cooling effect better than insulin cooler bag.
Free Capacity Space 】The insulin travel cooler can storage 7 Insulin pen in normal size. You can place different quantities according size to different medicine sizes, Check the images to get more storage method and quantity. It mainly to be used to store insulin and medicines required to storage at 2-25℃ condition. Effective protect privacy.
QR Code Medical Tag】Eye-catching QR code tag, free online template, you can upload photos and medical information, and modify it at any time. Scan the QR code to view your medical information, provide medical credentials for medical staff at important moments, and save lives in time.
Worry-Free After-Sales】We are committed to making every insulin user travel with peace of mind, For any issues about our insulin cooler contact us and we will ensure that the problem is solved within 24 hours.

Ships from local warehouses in European and American countries, and the shipping time for other countries is 10-15 days
24/7 support contact.
3 months warranty, can be returned.
We are committed to making travel healthy for every insulin user.