Waterproof Adhesive Patches 30pcs (Transparent)

Sale price$16.99


  • Skin-friendly -- Feels soft against the skin and avoids skin irritation. a comfortable fit day & night
  • Waterproof -- Our tapes are waterproof and great for sports, swimming, or in the shower. Dries quickly after showering and leaves no marks
  • Hypoallergenic -- Latex-free medical grade material, breathable and comfortable, leaves no residue on the skin
  • No sticking in the middle -- No sticking on the sensor, for full protection and easier changing in the case. Precisely tailored for the perfect fixation of your sensor. There is a hole, don't stick to the sensor
  • Easy to Use -- 30 Pieces of patches are easy to apply to the skin. Pre-cut backing paper, easy to use yourself, no further help and guidance needed

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