All DISONCARE hard insulin coolers are divided into models according to the number of injection pens that can be accommodated. There are three model series: Intercontinental, Odyssey, and Holiday.

The Intercontinental series can accommodate 5-7 injection pens, with large internal capacity, slender appearance design, and equipped with a handle ring, which is easy to carry. It is suitable for long-term travel or group travel, and needs to carry a large amount of insulin.

The Odyssey series can accommodate 2-3 injection pens, with a golden size, coordinated proportions, and easy to hold in one hand. It is suitable for travel or outdoor activities within 2 days to 15 days. (The Odyssey series also has a digital temperature display model to choose from).

The Holiday series can accommodate 1 injection pen, and the appearance is extremely delicate and compact, suitable for single-day travel and long-term commuting or people with unstable working environment temperature.

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The Odyssey insulin cooler can be securely fixed on the bicycle water cup holder. It is an important tool during cycling. It can effectively ensure the temperature stability of insulin, so you can enjoy the fun of cycling without worry.


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