Who doesn’t love to play in the mud?

I’m knee-deep in rich, black ooze that squelches and splutters like the lava it was borne from, my feet anchored in the aqueous, bowel-like depths of a traditional Hawaiian lo’i, or taro patch. As I attempt to move my feet, I’m laying newspaper over a built-up mound, patting it down with water and mud before covering it with a palm frond in preparation for tomorrow’s planting of kalo (taro) tubers. this hands-on, messy, and frankly hilarious experience – who doesn’t love to play in the mud? – is taking place at Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. 

Tree of life

“There are many invasive species in Hawaii’s forests,” our pilot Ryan explains as takes off from Kona Airport, built on a black, jagged lava field resulting from the 1801 eruption of Hualālai – one of six volcanoes that coalesced to form the island. 

Staring down at this barren moonscape, it’s difficult to believe any tree could survive here; but with the Big Island claiming at least 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones, the landscape – and the weather – can change in the blink of an eye. As we fly from the blazing sunshine on the West Coast, we are suddenly shrouded by dense clouds clustered over
Mauna Kea, at 4,207 meters, is the tallest peak on the island. As we cross the ridge to the lush crevasses and soaring seacliffs that mark the northeast coast, Ryan informs us that the inclement conditions will prevent us from landing on the farm where we were to plant our native ohi’a saplings.

Surfing game

After, I took out the DISONCARE insulin cooler and started injecting insulin. After the injection was completed, my friends and I went to the beach in Hawaii. The sun shone on the golden beach, and the waves crashed on the shore, bringing a cool sea breeze. We wore light clothes, stepped on the soft sand, and walked excitedly towards the sea. Driven by the waves, we jumped into the sea and started a joyful surfing trip. The sea water was clear and transparent, and the sun's rays created sparkling ripples on the sea surface. In this beautiful sea, we played and enjoyed the unique beach style of Hawaii.