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DISONCARE is a Chinese innovative technology company established in April 2010. We provide simple and effective products through new ways of thinking, aiming to bring exciting experiences to every user. This is our mission and it makes our products of unprecedented value.

DISONCARE has a total of nearly 5,000 square feet of storage warehouses in the United States, Britain, Germany, and China. Through the local logistics system, DISONCARE provides users with the fastest delivery services.

To enhance the user's shopping experience, we have prepaid tariffs and consumption taxes for the products you purchase on DISOCARE. We continue to improve the service system. If you are not satisfied with the order for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

As a leading Internet store with rapid growth, DISONCARE has become the most popular one-stop shopping destination.What

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DISONCARE Insulin Travel Cooler

Intercontinental: can hold 5 pens and 7 pens
Odyssey: can hold 3 pens (regular cap and smart temperature display cap)
Holiday: can hold one pen
For added convenience, we have also designed a soft cooler, you can check the navigation page to select the model you need.

Of course not, DISONCARE’s medicine travel coolers can be used for any medications that need to be kept either at fridge temperature or room temperature:
Allergies (Epipen)
Migraines (Aimovig, Egmalty)
Glaucoma eyes drops
Multi Sclerosis injections
Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Erectile Dysfunction (Caverject)
Osteoroporosis (Prolia, Xgeva, Forteo)
Cholesterol (Repatha)
Weight Loss (Saxenda)
Excema (Dupixent)
If your medicine is not on this list, do not hesitate to contact us and ask! In any case, always ask for your doctor’s advice.

Our medical insulin coolers can safely store your insulin and medications at room temperature (under 80°F/26°C) or refrigerator temperature (35-46°F/2-8°C). You can view specific performance and duration on each product's description page.

Yes, all of our coolers can maintain refrigerator temperatures (35-46°F / 2-8°C) to ensure the safety of your medications, just like they would be in your home refrigerator. The cooling duration will vary depending on:
The model you choose
The outdoor temperature
The cooling method you use
Our highest-performing cooler is a large capacity one that can hold 7 pens. When used with gel packs and ice bottles, it can maintain temperatures for up to 74 hours.

Of course you can, all insulin travel coolers we design are TSA-approved. You can go through airport security with them and bring refrigerated medications on board,

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