In 2007, engineer Zhaoqi LI founded DISONCARE. Zhaoqi LI's mother suffered from diabetes. On a warm summer afternoon, he walked in the park with his mother. Due to the lack of appropriate protection, the insulin lost its effectiveness in high temperatures, and Zhaoqi LI's mother felt dizzy. At that moment, he was determined to find a solution so that all diabetics could enjoy outdoor life without worries.

He began to study how to keep the optimal insulin temperature in any environment. He consulted a lot of literature, consulted medical experts, and even relearned the principles of refrigeration technology. After countless experiments and improvements, he finally designed a small, portable, and efficient insulin cooler-DISONCARE.

DISONCARE is not just a cooler, but also a commitment, a kind of care and protection for every diabetic patient. Zhaoqi LI knows that diabetic patients need not only a device but also a kind of peace of mind and trust. Therefore, he incorporated the most advanced refrigeration technology and the most user-friendly experience into the design. Whether it is a long-distance trip or a daily outing, DISONCARE can ensure that insulin is kept within a safe temperature range, so that patients can rest assured.

In the process of brand building, Zhaoqi LI not only pays attention to the quality and function of the product but also attaches importance to the emotional connection with the user. He and his team always adhere to the user-centric approach, constantly listen to user feedback and suggestions, and continuously improve the product. Through social media and community activities, DISONCARE has gradually become a warm family, helping patients support each other and face the challenges of life together.


Today, DISONCARE has become a trusted brand for diabetic patients around the world, not only providing them with reliable insulin-cooling solutions but also bringing them unlimited hope and courage. Zhaoqi LI's story has also inspired countless people, proving that the combination of love and technology can create miracles.

In the future, DISONCARE will continue to be committed to innovation and care, and escort the health and happiness of every diabetic patient. As Zhaoqi LI said: "Our mission is not only to cool insulin but also to ignite hope and protect every beautiful life."

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