I recently had the pleasure of being gifted the DISONCARE Insulin Medication Travel Cooler, in the beautiful shade of Sea-Water Cyan and can honestly say I’m really happy with both the clean and stylish looks, and life-saving attributes that come along with the cooler.

As soon as you take the cooler out the box, the built-in temperature display is a fantastic feature that is known right from the get go. It’s a simple, yet effective little gadget that allows me to keep an eye on the cooler’s internal temperature at all times. Not only would this be vital during hotter months (which is rare in the UK these days) ensuring my insulin stays at the right temperature for prolonged amounts of time. Ultimately, this gives me peace of mind knowing my medication is safe, secure, and most importantly cool…nobody likes a spoiled insulin pen, especially when away from your main supplies at home.

Storage & Style.

The cooler comes with two bottles for keeping your insulin or other medication cold. Inside you’ll see the blue gel bottle uses advanced cooling technology to maintain a consistent temperature for up to 48 hours, which is a life saver for longer trips. The white ice water bottle provides 12 hours of temporary refrigeration, perfect for shorter outings or emergency situations. Together, they offer flexibility and reliability for most of your travel situations or journeys.

I also appreciate the clean, compact and portable design as it blends seamlessly with anything else in your bag or on the table, should you bring it out of your bag. Storage wise, it holds up to three insulin pens and is easy to carry inside a bag, rucksack, or even in a drinks holder on the side of your bag or back of your car seat. Ultimately, It’s sturdy, lightweight and doesn’t take up much space and extremely durable, should it take a few drops or bangs to the ground from your bag or hand hight.

The QR Medical ID is a clever addition. By linking to a secure online platform, I can input my medical history, current medications, allergies, and other important information. Should the unthinkable happen or I have a turn, it helps prevent items from being lost and provides critical information in an emergency.

Another huge plus is that this cooler is easy to move so showcasing during a trip to the airport for security checkpoints without any hassle. Additionally, the 12-month full warranty gives me confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

Overall, the DISONCARE Insulin Medication Travel Cooler is an excellent product that combines convenience, reliability, and peace of mind. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to travel with insulin or other temperature-sensitive medications.

Follow the links the below to the product and there site below where you can find many different coolers in various colours, sizes, and storage options. 

Article from Thomas Hickinbottom's BLOG👇